• J A C Recycling Services will collect all recycling materials from Office, Industrial, Commercial and Residential at no cost. (No amount of recycling grades to big or to small)

  • J A C Recycling Services supplies: Office paper bins for paper

  • Bags for Larger Items

  • Larger Bags for Larger items

  • We can Supply Larger containers, Cages as required for more industrial applications.

  • J A C Recycling Services will issue a Destruction Certificate for all Classified Documents removed. (If Requested)

What do we Recycle:

Waste Plastic

Polyethylene Terephthelate

cold drink bottles

High Density Polyethylene

milk bottles, sauce bottles, plastic buckets

Plastic – mixed

mixed plastic bags

Plastic – shrink


Plastic – clear

clear plastic bags, bubblewrap


plastic chairs, containers, dispensing bottles

Polypropylene Bags

Bulk sack bags

Packaging strapping

strapping used for securing packaging

Waste Paper

FN – Flat News


CMW – Common Mixed Waste

Magazines, pamphlets, telephone books

HL1 – Heavy Letter 1

White office/computer paper

HL2 – Heavy Letter 2

Coloured Paper

IMW – Industrial Mixed Waste

Cereal Boxes

Tetra Pak

Milk Cartons, Juice Cartons, Wine Cartons

K4 – Used cardboard

Cardboard Boxes


HS – Heavy Steel

(Thicker than 3mm)

Steel Sheets, Galvanized Steel

SL – Light Steel

(Thinner than 3mm)

Steel Strips, Shelving

UBC – Used Cans

Food and Drink Cans (Food, Cold Drink & Beer Cans)


Non Ferrous Metals

 Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Lead, etc.

GL – Glass

Bottles and Jars (Mayonnaise, Jam, Sauce, Alcohol Bottles)